Ross, Mountnugent – Auction – SOLD

A 20 minute countdown auction that lasted for 41 minutes with a total of 54 individual bids, sold for €510,000 today.

Ross, Mountnugent – Derelict Residence on c. 26 Acres

The property was offered for sale by Raymond Potterton & Co. today at 3pm on (online platform for property auctions).

Stephen Barry of Raymond Potterton & Co. reported interest in the property as intense and had over 80 individual enquiries on the property.

Bidders were required to register and pay a bidding deposit of €10,000 prior to auction.   Of the registered bidders, 5 bidders immediately were involved and bidding progressed in €10,000 bids opening at €200,000.  The property was placed on the market at €250,000 and bidding ensued at a pace over the next half hour until the timer reached 00.00, 41 minutes after commencement and the property was sold.

This is an exceptional price.  The property is absolutely unique both in its location and the views it possess over Lough Sheelan.

The price achieved at just €20,000 per acre is a superb price but reflects the special nature of the property.

We are delighted for our Vendor and we wish the Purchaser and all who participated in the auction the very best.

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